Smok Novo 2G Starter Kit – Vaporizes of Liquid Right Inside Your Lungs

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Smok Novo 2G Starter Kit – Vaporizes of Liquid Right Inside Your Lungs

Smok Novo 2G Starter Kit – Vaporizes of Liquid Right Inside Your Lungs

The newest member of the Smok brand, the Smok Novo 2, packs a significant wallop. If you’re searching for an air knife that’s smaller, lighter, and many more powerful, it is the one for you. And because the original Smok Novo measured up at nearly three inches long, it generally does not seem like a lot of space is wasted with this little tool.

Smok Novo

The most recent addition to the ever-expanding category of air knives, Smok no pods are not only super small, but they’re also packed full of power. Despite no noticeable upsurge in size overall, Smok have managed nearly double the existing battery life because of their original Novo. When confronted with this, and of course because of all of the rave reviews, I’d have to call the brand new generation novo pods the superior air knife.

Just like the original Smok Novo, the Smok Vaporizer can be extremely simple to use. With the same type of easy to hold and operate screen because the rest of the devices, there’s no guessing which piece of the gear goes where. The new Smok Novo 2 even comes complete with a protective mouthpiece. I’ve always hated Element Vape using the cheapest and least efficient mouthpieces, and Smok have provided me with a fresh option.

Additionally, there are a ton of new features with this version of the Smok Novo. One particular feature is the proven fact that now you can use both a mouthpiece and e-liquid to increase your nicotine intake. Smok now has two pod systems available. With the Smok Easy Gripper, you simply take apart the device, take away the mouthpiece, and put it in your mouth. With the Smok Easy Pump you need to do a bit more, but that’s about all you need to do.

The next major change on the Smok Novo 2 pod system device may be the way that it works. Previously, if you wished to use it, you would have to hold the button down and soon you pulled the cord that leads to the air intake assembly. Then, you would breathe normally, so when you pulled the cord, nicotine will be inhaled into your lungs. Now, because the second generation of these little wonders allows for electronic air-intake assembly, you won’t ever have to pull the cord, and you never have to breathe at all! It’s completely electronic.

Another great feature you can now get with the Smok Novo 2 pod kit is that you have the ability to replace the batteries in this thing in a snap. No more does this device require that you may spend hours, maybe even days, waiting for your battery to charge up enough to obtain some vapor taste. Actually, it is possible to change out the batteries in a snap. So, it is possible to go from day one of using this product to day two and still have full flavor.

There are other things that the Smok Novo 2nd gen offers that the original novo comes without. For example, you have an electronic air flow control, which is ideal for starting off with. Also, there exists a digital display that will show you how much vapor you are getting, and when you’re past your recommended lung smoking limit. It’s just like having your own personal vaporizer that you utilize with the Smok Novo and the original novo flavors. These things really are great to have, especially considering that they are not overly expensive. It will be possible to locate a good price on them by doing your research online, and considering different wholesalers.

The Smok Novo is not the cheapest vaporizer available, neither is it the cheapest way to vaporize e liquid. However, it is probably close to being as cheap as the Logitech G Series. The reason why the Smok has so many extra features is because they work with a mtl pod and its frame. This is a great thing and really helps make this vaporizer stick out from the rest. Once you purchase a smoker just like the Smok Novo 2G, you’re really obtaining a great value for the money. Since most vaporizers nowadays are pretty similar, you are sure to find a good place to buy your Smok Novo 2G from.

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